Ya know, I really just work and look past all the distractions and that’s all I should be doing. I am not going to get stuck on politics and right and wrong. Everyone has their own story, opinion, and choice.

There is more opportunity right now than there has been in my lifetime. The only catch is you have to make your own opportunity.

I tuned in with my ADHD blinders to Obama’s big speech today, and he made alot of good points, like he does in most of his speech’s. In fact, a lot of what he said, you can look back months at my posts on this very blog and find a lot of the same ideas and beliefs. But, much like this blog, it is all talk.

I have as much of a chance of changing the course were on as Obama does. And if that does not say it all then nothing else does either. We need someone so intelligent that it scares people. We need to put the fear in the rest of the world. Someone so Genius with a bit of crazy is long overdue.

We are so predictable that we are ineffective. It’s time that changes. It’s time we use secrecy as a foreign policy.

Beyond that, too late Obama. You won’t get reelected because you blew the momentum and opportunity, now no one believes in you.

Look for gold to cap $1800 into the new year and back toward $2000 for January 2012. This recession is going to be worse than the previous one. This is going to be a test for all.

By the way, Our New Waterbury location is open at 11o1 Huntingdon Avenue, Waterbury, CT. 06704 (203) 527-6410


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