The festival of light, at the end of the tunnel….

It has been interesting to see that as a result of the Euro Crisis, the value of the dollar has soared for a short period, and, during that period, the economy has been far more robust. There must be a correlation between the strength of the dollar and the sentiment of consumers and investors. While you would assume just that, we have not had the luxury of really seeing it in action in quite some time.

This phenomenon really sheds light on the Feds and how their poor choices have crippled our economy more than they have helped it, by keeping the value of our dollar lower than it needs be.

While a strong dollar is bad news for Gold Prices, do not expect the dollar strength to continue. Another signal that gold prices are poised to rise is the end of the festival of lights, Diwali. Every year, prior to this festival, prices of gold fall. Several tons of gold will be consumed by the Republic of India during the wedding season, and that will hopefully get gold back to the $1700 level.

Stocks have also been performing well. With a healthy holiday season near, it seems that seasonal jobs are helping to ease the jobs situation enough to make it artificially appear that we are showing signs of recovery.

It is also remarkable that Bank of America is showing a 6 billion dollar profit. Wow! We just bailed them out for billions of dollars, didn’t we? I love how they can take all of that extra money and use it to make windfall profits. It’s good to be in the bank business in the USA. You can take taxpayers money if you have an in with the Feds, and use that to suck huge profits out of our financial system. You can then store that money and not use it to help fix the economy you nearly destroyed!

To all of the Occupy Wall Street protesters, I get it! There is no doubt that you are right by insisting an end to the greed that cripples the dream for the rest of us. You know, before the Occupy Wall Street movement, I was a fan of Mayor Bloomberg, but, since he has spoken out and expressed his own disdain for the protestors, I have lost all respect. That, along with many of his staff members being involved in Payroll and Other scandals of corruption, I no longer believe he is on the right side, which is that of the American middle class. He is clearly at bat for Wall Street.

So I have a question? What is going on with the Euro? Does anyone really care anymore? It has been a drag for years now, but almost as quickly as it nearly cripples the world, it disappears as a threat and goes from center stage on broadway, to barely playing a prop in the scene.

I have something else to add, a prediction of sorts. I have been quietly observing the situation in China. I have come to the conclusion that China is a bubble and not a viable economy. China will fail. The bottom line is this, while they are making obscene profits and act as a vacuum of the global economy, which sucks up currencies from the world around, giving little back, its people are blowing the dough on very material things, such as expensive bags, watches, and clothing. They are like kids at the mall with a pocket full of money. They recently had a national holiday, in which many traveled to Hong Kong, to buy expensive name brand items that are of better quality than the cheap copies that circulate the Chinese Marketplace. It seems they could not get enough of $5000 hand bags and other over priced goods. It’s just a matter of time before the conditions falter enough to put them into personal debt enough to spur a real estate crisis, or a recession, or both.

India, on the other hand, is going to remain our biggest competitor in the worlds economic arena. They are highly educated and skilled, while we are just laying on the couch and not training for the battle.

Some good news is that we are pulling out of Iraq. This is the one Obama Admin moves I agree with. I think it’s a sound idea to end the costs associated with the war that never should have been. I hope that next is Afghanistan, who, if put in the middle, has admitted they would side with Pakistan. Oh, how nice, after all we have done to liberate and stabilize you. You are going to take sides with what is shaping up to be a terrorist school and breeding ground like no other.

Then there is Iran, plotting to kill the Saudi’s here in New York City. Kind of a bold move, no?

And while I’m at it, I am glad that Ghadaffi is dead, but what a disgraceful way to go! Being sodomized on a public street and then shot in the head while he was not armed! While you can argue that he deserved that and a whole lot more, it doesn’t say much about the people who are taking over the reigns. Maybe they will stand behind Pakistan too.

Oh, if you are a troubled home owner, you can get a fannie/freddie refinance deal, as long as you haven’t been as much as late on a payment in the past year, and you qualify, and you only owe no more than 80% of your current homes value. I think those rules clearly quality about 100 americans for a nice refinance deal. Now that is a solid governmental way to spur the values of homes and fix the foreclosure crisis.

Oh, another crisis has been exposed, the Student Loan crisis. apparently, tons of people are set to default on payments as there are no jobs and they cannot just print money like the feds to pay their debts. Ron Paul makes another very good point in that the Govt. should get out of the student loan biz as all it is doing is inflating tuitions. If no one could afford college, they would go out of business, right? So by disabling the access to student loans, colleges would be forced to lower tuitions and would have a lot less money to blow on paying athletes to play on their football and basketball teams, and for once, they would actually have to provide a quality education at an affordable price.

I am beginning to believe in Ron Paul as he just makes sense and is playing for the right team. It would be nice to, for once, have a leader that you don’t have to question.


Occupy the Moment

So alot of discussion about the growing Occupy Wallstreet Movement. Alot of people seem to be taking sides.

I support the Occupants and here is why. For decades now, Wall Street has exported many of our jobs to make more profit, and it is damn time they see the millions of faces of people they have effected. I will assume it won’t change much of anything, in the near future. It will, however, lead to a long term trend of bringing jobs back home to America.

Corporations will realize they must be successful in their backyard to be successful elsewhere. This “Occupy Movement” is the beginning of American’s having enough of Wall Street, and Washington, not being accountable. I just hope it is sooner than later.

So many Investment Bankers have invested money in Developing Countries, to make money, but have just made it impossible for America to compete against low wages. This, coupled with heavy Industry Regulation, generated by funding and way of lobbyists, and Large Companies can limit their competition so they can fix pricing and control entire markets.

Another unrelated mention is Solyndra and the ATF’s Fast & Furious Campaign, both proof that transparency does not exist and that corruption looms large in the Obama white house. I guess Chicago Politics have not changed much in nature.

Now on to Precious Metals, I think an approach to 1800 Gold is in order. Silver should rise back toward $40. Wall Street needs to be prepared for another crash. While many american businesses have found a way to be successful again, they are mostly smaller companies. The big companies that are now depending on overseas labor are going to find out that it is no different elsewhere. Labor Unions and demands will pressure their profit margins, and tariffs and transportation of goods will make them wonder why they are doing business they way they do anyway.

Don’t worry America, the jobs will return here in time. Keep on Occupying Wall Street and putting a face to the lives they effect, and sooner or later they will use it as a PR move to bring some jobs back home. It must get lonely having no companions or allies in your enterprise. Everything we build abroad is merely going to come back to haunt us. We are developing competition for ourselves that will not sleep or take long breaks.

Be sure to prepare yourself for election time and don’t be afraid to vote outside of the ballot box…….by this I mean, look at independents and really investigate what they are about and what their history reveals. We need to take a few steps back and really be proud of our heritage. We should not elect anyone that is apologetic of our triumphs, or mistakes. America did not need change, we needed strength and for our businesses to support us and our families. Personally, I could give a shit about the welfare of India or China, or third world nations. I wish them all well, but I don’t think we need a hand in steering their development by buying all of their goods and training their workforce.