Are we there yet? I think since 2008 we have all been waiting for the bottom to hit. I think most would be surprised at just how far, deep, and wide the bottom really is. The momentum has been downward for a long time, but Government Bailout’s and Policy Intervention has stalled the bottom from surfacing. Instead of actually lifting our Economy, the Fed’s policies have just delayed the inevitable.

The best thing that could happen is that we get it over with. Let it all come crashing down. We need to rebuild and reinvent America. Every policy needs a look and tweak, Every aspect of our infrastructure needs to be redesigned to get us into the future and beyond.

We need to look at resource utilization closely, and adapt ways that will be sustainable to our growth as humans, and not just economically. We are all just sucking on the ice as it is melting around us. There is a very serious consequence to our lack of action and that is going to be a bleak existence of poverty, civil rioting and outbreaks, and lawlessness. It may be years away, it may be just month away.

None of us really know the extent of the USA’s financial systems. We do not know exactly how underwater we are. We have no idea how much money the Fed has printed to offset it’s debt. We could wake up one day, and the dollar will be worth pennies. Know that everyone is pointing fingers, it’s not long before someone spills the truth about our monetary system.

With less than 58% of our population over the age 16 having a paying job, it seems pretty bleak looking ahead. I would have to say that that number could easily turn to 35% in a short time. The momentum is gaining downward.

However frightening it is to most people, it may be just the thing needed to make us really look at outstanding issues we have for long ignored, and reshape our existence into something that is sustainable.

Now that the rest of the world is using our best practices and systems to get themselves ahead, it is time, once again, that we change the game and redefine new standards and practices for the future, not the past.

Gold is surprising as in overnight trading it gained upward of $1770 per ounce. This is the first time I have seen Gold surpass Platinum in value, showing that the slowing of the economy has spurred investors fears to an all time high. What is next we can not know, but be prepared for the worst, as it is definitely being served in the near future.

We are out of billion dollar bailouts and I expect the Fed Reserve to take a hands off approach as they have run out of tricks to bandage the wounds. Put your excess dollars into Gold and Silver, you can’t go wrong at this point.


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