Markets Down! Markets Down!

So the stock markets are down, every day for weeks, Commodities are down, Real Estate is Down, Jobs are Down………..The dollar is down, sentiment is down.

The only things left that are rising are the Mississippi River and unrest!

3 wars have cost this country, and the world, our ability to maintain healthy economies. The cost of war is far greater than the lives lost and the misery waged. It is time to come home. The money spent on bombs and sustaining troops could be spent instead making progress here.

We should be installing windmills and solar plants, improving infrastructure, education, jobs…………

Libya is costing millions, Afghanistan is billions, Iraq is billions…….We could spend an eternity in the middle east. The world still hates america at the end of the day. We go around handing out money like candy on halloween, and we are still the ones to hate. I watch as Hillary gives away scholarships to our best schools, millions and billions, and we still get played. Look at Pakistan, BILLIONS, and they are harboring terrorists.

Hillary is now opting for a nice cushy bank job. I don’t know what the agenda is in America any longer. It seems that Washington is just stuck in drive and no one is at the wheel.

I firmly believe that the strategy that makes all of this go away is simply “All in”. We bring everyone home. Troops, Politicians, Diplomats, Staff, EVERYONE. We fix the problems here first.

You know what. Not everyone needs to know about america. We don’t need eveyone that hates us coming to America. Make it very hard to get in here. If foreigners want to visit their friends and family here, then they should all go to an island for a reunion. Make it very exclusive to get into the USA. We have enough people here already for the limited resources available.

Secrecy is good for a country. It worked for Obama during his election. It helped pull Russia out of a severe depression. People do not need to know every damn thing we are about to do. We do not need to disclose our plans to the world. Secrecy certainly has acted like a super fertilizer for China. The Obama administration is like a constant press release of information. It is ridiculous. If everything is predictable, the markets just settle in and stay flat. We don’t need to know the jobs weekly. We don’t need the constant failure reports. We don’t need to save the world. We need to save ourselves, and that is it. No one wants our help. We are not the red cross, we are just a country, that leaves it’s own down on the battlefield, while it’s off in pursuit of world peace and happiness.

It’s time to simply realize that we no longer have the solution. The internet has spread democracy. We have spread animosity. The only thing we need to fix is broken america.

So I am thinking gold is flat for a bit, but just a bit. Silver should begin slowly making it’s way back towards the $40’s but could lag until late summer. I think we are due for another round of layoffs. I think we will see the auto manufacturers and banks have another go at bankruptcy and insolvencies too. The money we gave them is running out. The money we print just goes out of America. Time to print some more, I guess. Wondering what ever happened to Goldman Sachs and other High Profile Bankers??? I guess they learned that secrecy is a good thing. They stay out of the spotlight and under the radar. No one even thinks of them. Whatever happened to the bailouts? Someday we will know and I bet’s it’s not what anyone thinks happened.

Enjoy your weekend, it should be about 100 degrees with a chance of tornadoes!


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