The power of flip flops and lobbyists

So I just added a new post and I forgot to mention about the flip flop spa progress……..My Wife and I went and did a launch of her product at a 3 day New York Show and it went extremely well. Her product is very innovative, quite possibly so much that it will have serious implications to shoe manufacturing around the world. Her product was very noticed, by major retailers and shoe manufacturers. Inquiries were coming in like margin calls at an exchange. I think some really good things are happening as we speak. We expect to launch the product internationally in the coming months.

We also leased a showroom on Broadway in NYC while we happened to be there. There is no better city for her to work on expanding her line. New York is still the go to city for fashion products. I plan to put a lot of my time into this project as it is almost endless in expansion and has an amazing vertical in almost every way you look at it.

I love Gold & Diamonds and all, but another big change to that industry has taken place. The State of CT. Legislature has just passed new law, which will take effect in October, that will require dealers to hold anything they buy for a period of 10 days. I hated this law as it was being written. I did what I could to try and stop it. At the end of the day, paying lobbyists worked for Pawnbrokers. Expect to see a Pawn Shop on every corner in CT. in the coming years. The state was trying to find a way to curb burglaries, instead they just increased the amount by 10 fold.

This new legislation only gives pawnbrokers more ammo against consumers. If the tables weren’t tipped enough already. So, basically, instead of getting screwed every time you walk into ¬†a Pawn Shop, you are now going to get F#ck!d every time you go into a pawn shop. You are going to get hit with service charges, late fees, worse attitudes, and storage fees.

Another thing this will certainly do is force legitimately high paying buyers to lower their payout rates. How could someone buy a commodity that has a 10 day closing? You have to predict or SPECULATE the market in 10 days. Let me tell you how that goes, as a business decision, you will have to always predict short! You will have to assume that there is likely going to be a 2% drop per day on at least 3 of 5 business days in a volatile market. That equates to a 12% drop in 10 days. That is playing it safe in my opinion and no reasonable market analyst could argue that that is not a likely scenario.

Thank you local representatives and legislature for making that a reality. It is no wonder that at the capitol, lobbyists have reserved parking spaces. Lawmakers have no clue which way is up. They pass laws that will never work. So the funny part is, that the Police do not even have the resources to check the stuff held for 10 days. In the end, the consumer loses money, and with now having about 1000 pawn shops to watch over, they never have a chance at finding the stolen merchandise they are looking for. So homeowners, you better REALLY get a security deposit box and get your valuables in a really safe place because trust what I tell you, home burglaries will go up by 30% within a year from the new laws taking effect on October 1st.

I still expect to be in business, and have a plan to maintain our high payout prices. There will be some major changes, but you will still be able to get 80% or higher of the metals value. I’ll be announcing the strategy as we get closer to October. Until then, it is a TRADE SECRET.

Another good piece of news, CT GOLD BUYERS and CONNECTICUT GOLD BUYERS are now trademarked, so WATCH OUT to those that have been infringing on my trademarks for the past 3 years, my Legal Team is coming!!! I suggest if you as much as use CT GOLD BUYERS in as much as a domain name, you go secure an attorney because you are going to need it.

Now, MORE NEWS!!! You may have noticed a lot of changes to my staff. Unfortunately, this is par for the course. It takes time to realize if someone can be responsible and trusted to run this type of business. I will be appointing James Hart as Operations Manager and bringing in to new Customer Service Representatives in about 2 weeks. In the meantime, I will be back full time for the next 2-3 weeks.

Look for our GRAND OPENING of flip flop Spa @ 1385 Broadway, 4th Floor, New York, NY, 10018 in the next few weeks and come down to the city. Our showroom is in the fashion district and is located amongst 25 other amazing shoe designers. You can come down for the Open Market on Wednesdays, open to the public, and check out new styles and buy direct from manufacturers. There are some very beautiful shoes and very innovative styles. It’s only 2 blocks away from times square on Broadway. Hope to see you there. Check back here for the official date!


Markets Down! Markets Down!

So the stock markets are down, every day for weeks, Commodities are down, Real Estate is Down, Jobs are Down………..The dollar is down, sentiment is down.

The only things left that are rising are the Mississippi River and unrest!

3 wars have cost this country, and the world, our ability to maintain healthy economies. The cost of war is far greater than the lives lost and the misery waged. It is time to come home. The money spent on bombs and sustaining troops could be spent instead making progress here.

We should be installing windmills and solar plants, improving infrastructure, education, jobs…………

Libya is costing millions, Afghanistan is billions, Iraq is billions…….We could spend an eternity in the middle east. The world still hates america at the end of the day. We go around handing out money like candy on halloween, and we are still the ones to hate. I watch as Hillary gives away scholarships to our best schools, millions and billions, and we still get played. Look at Pakistan, BILLIONS, and they are harboring terrorists.

Hillary is now opting for a nice cushy bank job. I don’t know what the agenda is in America any longer. It seems that Washington is just stuck in drive and no one is at the wheel.

I firmly believe that the strategy that makes all of this go away is simply “All in”. We bring everyone home. Troops, Politicians, Diplomats, Staff, EVERYONE. We fix the problems here first.

You know what. Not everyone needs to know about america. We don’t need eveyone that hates us coming to America. Make it very hard to get in here. If foreigners want to visit their friends and family here, then they should all go to an island for a reunion. Make it very exclusive to get into the USA. We have enough people here already for the limited resources available.

Secrecy is good for a country. It worked for Obama during his election. It helped pull Russia out of a severe depression. People do not need to know every damn thing we are about to do. We do not need to disclose our plans to the world. Secrecy certainly has acted like a super fertilizer for China. The Obama administration is like a constant press release of information. It is ridiculous. If everything is predictable, the markets just settle in and stay flat. We don’t need to know the jobs weekly. We don’t need the constant failure reports. We don’t need to save the world. We need to save ourselves, and that is it. No one wants our help. We are not the red cross, we are just a country, that leaves it’s own down on the battlefield, while it’s off in pursuit of world peace and happiness.

It’s time to simply realize that we no longer have the solution. The internet has spread democracy. We have spread animosity. The only thing we need to fix is broken america.

So I am thinking gold is flat for a bit, but just a bit. Silver should begin slowly making it’s way back towards the $40’s but could lag until late summer. I think we are due for another round of layoffs. I think we will see the auto manufacturers and banks have another go at bankruptcy and insolvencies too. The money we gave them is running out. The money we print just goes out of America. Time to print some more, I guess. Wondering what ever happened to Goldman Sachs and other High Profile Bankers??? I guess they learned that secrecy is a good thing. They stay out of the spotlight and under the radar. No one even thinks of them. Whatever happened to the bailouts? Someday we will know and I bet’s it’s not what anyone thinks happened.

Enjoy your weekend, it should be about 100 degrees with a chance of tornadoes!

Dip # 2 or 3

Well, inexperience has once again cost us a shot at recovery. It seems as though we are too busy trying to make history, then advance into the future with dignity. I am talking about politics here. Bad policies. The lobbying, the corruption, the 2 party system, even the tea party, they are all worthless.

We need local governments to start having town hall meetings, instead of meeting with lobbyists. We need JOBS! We need local governments to pave the way. Washington is deaf, blind, and ineffective. They are purely out of touch with reality. The real political scene exists where you make a difference and unless you are delivering a large campaign donation, you are not even glanced at in Washington. Locally however, you would be surprised at how easy it is to be a part of the process. The more people that get involved, the more likely it is that your local representatives will start bringing your ideas to the table. The ideas that can help create jobs may very well be from a similar process. If politicians had the answers, we would not be in this situation now.

Be advised also that more layoffs are inevitable. State and Local Governements will be laying off thousands at the start of the new fiscal year (July). There is just not enough tax revenue generated to keep up with growth. I just read a report that only 51% pay federal taxes and most people pay very little in state taxes. I think the overall problem here is the 51% who pay taxes have the other half voting how their Money gets spent. Too many are getting a free ride and that needs to change. Everybody in, I say. Put up, or shut up. That should be the new federal policy and strategy. Get everybody working and invested in the system, then you can make adjustments or overhauld. You need people too busy to complain, and generating money to make the needed change.

I will applaud the CT Political scene though, the current legislative session is trying alot of new things, like decriminalizing marijuana possession. This ought to save the court system alot of time and expense. I do not smoke or even recommend you do so, but at the same time, my opinion is that if you want to, why shouldn’t you? If you are not harming anyone else, then light up! Of course, please be responsible in doing so and do not drive or smoke in an environment where there are minors.

I think the key to recovery for this economy is in local government, not federal. In fact, I think the federal scene in Washington is impervious to recovery. I think that local governments need to look at being more independent. Why should federal law dictate local laws? If some areas want to try something new, to see if an idea works better or worse, so be it. They should!

As for Gold & Precious Metals, all is looking good. Even jewelry demand in India is back up. More euro debt fears, more US housing and jobs problems. No end in sight. Scrap sales are still rising, surprisingly. Who new all of you people held on to so much gold. If you are selling, call us so you don’t get ripped off!

Hey, if you are unemployed and bored, go and volunteer somewhere. Keep working, remain relevant. Go pan for gold, go mine gold at tag sales, recover scrap metals from junk piles, do something to make a few buck and learn something new.

Also, for those of you wondering, I have hired new employees  and I am taking alot of time off? Sort of, I am working, on new projects:

one is my Wife’s new invention and business:

The other is the expansion of ctgoldbuyers. I will say don’t mind the new employees, they are trained to serve you just as I would. They do not pay any less either. My long term goal is to have multiple stores running on one ideal of serving our customer base with the best available buying service in the USA. I am developing strategies now that will enhance your experience and maintain high payout points.

Last, I am trying to enjoy the summer after being buried all winter under snow and ice.

Enjoy the weather,