All Rise

So the overnight markets show a steady incline in all precious metals markets. It looks as though April will be a memorable month for gold and silver. It is a long overdue position that is hinged on rising prices in gas and a 3rd war with seemingly no end.

Speaking of war, is the mideast conflict 1, 2, and now 3, at the point where it can be bundled into a new world war? Can it be looked upon as a world movement where ways of corrupt regimes with guns pointed at 3rd world social media starved populations are being pushed into a more democratic system?

All of the above lead to inflation. All of the above lead to higher oil prices, which leads to higher prices of everything. Conflict is expensive. Conflict is what lead us into recession. Conflict is going to send us back into another round of recession.

We all know what is said about not learning from past mistakes. It seems as though the stakes are much higher, but very blurry at that. We have taken the position that sitting idly by while mass crimes against humanity are undertaken by terrorist regimes, is not acceptable and must be stopped at all costs. Well, at least as far as Libya goes. We hope that by helping the rebel opposition militia’s that they will be exposed to us and accept the ways of the west and keep us out of their sights in the future.


I hate to throw the Afghanistan card into the deck, but the pictures in the headlines look a lot like the Russian Afghanistan conflict where we supplied the rebels (Al Qaeda) with weapons, training, and money and that did wonders for the relationship between the west and middle east.

We all know how that story goes. We all know what Iraq and Afghanistan have cost us. We all know that these types of war have no end. I often question if it is even war? When there is no clear goals in victory, the fighting is never going to end. At what point do we exit? When the ruling regime is overthrown? When the successor regime is in power? When the population is satisfied and tired of occupation and outsiders meddling with its system?

On a refreshing note, the government may shut down as there is no budget. I hate to be the one to say it, but can we try this out for a few months? Maybe the government should shut down every year from June till late August, just like public schools. We can pull out of Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya, and everyone can go about their lives. Come August, they can slowly get back into the game and start bickering amongst themselves and resume meeting with lobbyists to pass new legislation that alters all of our lives………….

Oh, I remind you to be on the lookout for radioactive Tuna, and pass on the nuke sushi….. I hear there is a large pool of freshwater in the north atlantic that may cause northern europe to freeze over and could disrupt marine life in the atlantic??? Also, there is a rapidly depleting ozone in the northern most hemisphere of our planet and has depleted at a rate far exceeding anything ever recorded in history. About 40% of the ozone has vanished into thin, well, atmosphere?? Time to put away the aqua net and aerosol spray cans again……….Maybe we can convert some old nuclear plants into ozone generators?

So with global wide disaster seemingly widespread and with cause, I want to briefly mention that Toyota is in the running for worst year ever. After being sabotaged by recall after recall, they now have a corolla that comes with a lifetime supply of potassium iodide included free. Seems as though they went from #1 to #cantcatchabreak.

Lets hope that gold will be propelled past $1500, and I am hopeful for some hyper growth in Silver, I’d like to see $55 by end of next week, while it is an unlikely gain, I am very short on patience. Sell your toyota shares and put it into silver. I am putting gold at $1480 by end of next week………..time will tell.


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