The evil the feds do or Gold Long, Dollar Short, very short

Hmmm. It’s getting to be that you don’t have to wait for the anouncement to get the news. It’s very predictable, as is the outcome. We have a government that is out of touch and a fed that is out of touch. They are both equally out of touch with middle america. It seems that they are sychronized on Goldman Sachs and Hedge Funds. In almost every possible way, they use monetary and political policy to further advance their own investments.

The simple and correct thing to do when the housing bubble forced millions of Americans to neglect paying their mortgages would have been to attach their paychecks and offer them assistance in paying their 30 year notes. This would have allowed the housing market to wind down at a much more natural pace. Yes, prices needed to adjust for what should have been higher interest rates to keep the banks lending so home sales would continue. Instead, keep giving the banks cheap money, on top of that, money with no strings attached. What did you think this would do? It did what we all thought it would, begin the transfer of wealth and power to America’s Financial Center, the Banks.

Instead of providing a stimulus to assist the hard working sector of our country, we provided more ammunition against them and are now driving them into poverty at a rate faster than even during the great depression. With so much money being printed, the white house is preparing to announce today that it has spent a trillion more than it has taken in, for a consecutive year, you would think this money would be used to assist the people who ultimately earned that money, and gave it to Uncle Sam. Nope, not one penny. Instead, it is loaned at near zero penalty to banks and hedge fund managers to buy up large amounts of commodoties and cause never before seen inflationary gains to what I argue are the most neccessary component of any economy.

Yes, commodoties are the first huge step of inflation. Some anaylyst would argue that the inflation of commodoites signals a recovery. Nope, not this time. Never before have we had a large private sector buying up all of our resources and stockpiling them for the rich. The basic raw goods used to produce industrial and household goods are now getting bought up well in advance of their own production. You can buy into a hedge fund that, well, sorry, You Cant buy into it, but a wealthy person or firm with the right political connections, i.e., campaign donations, can get your money from the fed at a couple percent annually, to buy up all of the commodoties that ensure your survival, such as wheat, copper, rice, gold, silver, whichever market they prefer to dominate, and inflate the price so they can earn an easy 15 to 20% return on your money.

This is a recipe for financial ruin. This is going to steal all the wealth you have accrued in your lifetime that you have stored in dollars and make them into pennies. This is the single most selfish period in the history of manking. No wonder UFO’s were spotted all over Manhattan the other day, even beings from other worlds are in disbelief that while we are busy hanging on to the jobs that are left and clearing the shelves at our local walmart, we are too stupid to notice everything being stolen from us.

You have to consider that with copper at $4 pound, Gold nearing $1400, Oil approaching $85, Wheat, Oat, Livestock, almost all essential commodoties are climbing steady. So if it is not China taking your dollars and lending it back to the wealthy at super low rates, it is now your own Federal Governement and it’s monetary enforcement agency, otherwise known as the Fed, who just signaled another coming quantitative easing period in which they will buy all the paper behind the cheap loans so the banks can have another round at buying up all  our commodoties in the form of hedge funds. So, another 5o billion gets printed, the hedge funds buy up more commodoties, their prices rise signifigantly as demand drives them higher, and the dollar loses value, causing further rises in prices.

At some point the ultimate price will be paid. The dollars value will be so diminished that these ultra rich will have caused a worldwide depression and widespread poverty. The only thing left to act as a currency will be commodoties. I cannot even contemplate what can curb this appetite for ruin. This is greed at its worst. I think alot of people always thought it was the republicans that were crooks. People were wrong. It is not just the republicans but the democrats too. We now face a government that is owned by the bankers. They provide them the money to campaign effectively. They offer them the strategies to outsmart the electorate voting system. In turn, the elected officials slant policy and power to the banks to allow them the tools and utilities to steal away our wealth and power.

Those of you screaming at the government, believing you will be heard, are wasting your energy. The best thing you could do is to scream to one another, and organize, and on your way to the poles this november, take everything you have out of your bank. Everybody at once should withdraw your money, your investments, the last of your wealth, and take the power back.

It is that simple. You give your money to the bank and they take it and use it against you. Simply take it out of their hands. Use cash. Go buy a money order for a dollar at walmart to pay your bills. I bet that would send a signal so loud, even washington would have to stop dead in it’s track and say what now, They have figured it out!

No matter who you vote for, Republican, Democrat, Tea Party, Independant, they  are all part of the same mechanism that is pushing you further away from having an enjoyable life and into a stress filled daze of paranoia. If you want to vote for yourself for once, get your money into your own hands and out of their banks and stock markets, and regain your wealth. It is a simple concept. By you working your tail off and taking the money you earn and bringing it to the bank, you are allowing them to borrow your money to buy up the core essentials of your survival, and sell it back to you at a much much higher rate. The little interest or dividends they give you simply do not exceed the inflation of the goods you are buying.

We will need lawmakers to make law of conditions for banks to not use depositors money to increase their own portfolios or buy assets, but to lend the money back to those who will pay fair market interest rates on the money. The same must be applied to Wall Street. They should be allowed only to reinvest in R&D and Marketing and Other company related purchases. Hedge funds are simply a form of a monopoly.

While alot of you though it was the housing market that got us into this mess, open your eyes and look some more. It is much more than that. It is an out of control federal government that has caused this and now has us headed into a worldwide economic disaster. While I know that you won’t take my advice to take action and will instead simply stand in the middle of the road, staring into the speeding lights about to run you over, remember what I said. Fire an email off to your local bankers, ugh, I mean politicians and tell them you are going to pull all of your deposits from the bank, and partake in an organized sell off of your stocks and investements. It’s time you put the gun to their heads.


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