Your Vote Counts, really?

Looks as though these damn political races are getting closer and closer. I will say watching these commercials and ads for them makes me sick. It really puts in perspective how out of touch our political system and politicians are. I predict it will take 2-3 more election cycles before the American Public puts an end to the electorate college and 2 party system. I think politicians need to really focus on the people who voted, and did not vote, for them. Enough with the alliances who typically elect to adopt wasteful policies and PAC initiatives. We really need individuals with new ideas and maybe even some riskier ones. Congress really needs to review it’s policies on prohibition, immigration, job outsourcing, and the ever widening trade gaps. Unfortunately, the war on drugs has been lost and remains a burden on taxpayers, the outsourcing of jobs is killing our economy, the tradegap is providing ammunition to countries that really don’t like Americans, and immigration is tearing us apart even further. I still never have understood why we don’t just bring our troops home and take Mexico. Their own government is more corrupt then ours by tenfold. We could surely benefit from it’s skilled and hard working labor, not to mention it’s resort qualities and vast resources.

I think the biggest change we need to make is to eliminate the electorate college. It was designed for the 1800’s, but is now a huge deficit. Every vote should count. We now have the internet and constant media coverage and every person should have an individual voice when it comes to voting.

So, enjoy your day at the polls and don’t rule out the independant’s as they are probably some of the more forward thinking of the bunch.

Remember what I say, individual assholes are a better choice than an entire group of assholes! (I apoligize for the inappropriate, or very appropriate, language)


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