The week from hell, $1300 Gold

After this week, I can’t even imagine Gold at $1350 or $1400. It is now becoming my latest obsession in predicting when everyone is going to fold and sell of their gold jewelry.

I am doing my best to keep up with the constant flow of customers. With silver nearing $22 I am getting 5 times more than average. Yesterday alone I smelted about 25 lbs of sterling. I think if silver hits $30 then I will be getting about 50 lbs per day.

I believe that silver has some catching up to do, and if we learn anything from the relationship that gold and platinum previously held, then silver over the next 3-5 years will do nothing but go up. It can easily hit the low hundreds, or even several hundreds per ounce if it grows to it’s prior gold-silver ratios of 16:1

I am also considering adding copper and brass to our charts and start buying them too. Time to order a larger scale……..That’s it for now.


About CT Gold Buyer
Owner of CT Gold Buyers in Wallingford, CT. and USA Gold Refiners.....

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