$1500 Gold?

It looks as though $1300 has passed the price test and $1500 is the next big price barrier……..I would have to utilize reasonable judgement to say that the political hardships we face as a country will begin to reveal themselves again after the November elections. Congress has already withdrawn their session so I do not expect alot will happen from now to then that will inspire a $200 price increase. 2011 should be the year for gold to reach 1980’s levels, spi adjusted of course, anywhere from $1500 upwards of $2500, depending on how low the dollar gets. Gold has really proved itself lately around the globe as a currency. Banks will still play a huge role in keeping the demand and prices up, but we will also see a surge in consumer buying as well. Even pensions are now adding gold into their portfolios…..2011 will be the year to watch for the yellow metal……save an ounce or two or alot more if you can!


About CT Gold Buyer
Owner of CT Gold Buyers in Wallingford, CT. and USA Gold Refiners.....

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