Those guys on TV must pay alot more because they say they pay the highest prices……..

Don’t be fooled by misleading gimmicks and promises that are not kept. The guys on TV in reality pay far less as you end up paying for their commercials dearly. I had a customer the other day come in with his gold, I offered over $1400. He went to get more prices but came back before the days end and he was shocked at just how far off the competition was. Good Ole Toms, Fast Eddy, and Beckers each offered less than $500 for the same exact lot.

He quickly realized that by dealing with a gold buyer that is not a refiner, that is cut # 1. Then factor in advertising, cut #2, and then add in multiple employees, cut #3…….Not to mention just plain greedy intentions and you end up with as much a difference as he had been offered.

The worst factor in that equation is dealing with an employee and not the guy who in fact owns the money being offered. Employees are paid via a cut of your gold, on top of that, they are usually not experienced enough to accurately evaluate your gold, and then they are often given quotas to meet, quotas that benefit the companies owner, not the seller.

My philosophy is to put the customers interests first and that my companies interests would follow. By dealing directly with every customer I could ensure quality and offer the highest payout rates in all of Connecticut. If anyone tells you they are paying more, do not believe it until you have come to my store and gotten a price directly from me, I guarantee you will not get a higher offer or I will beat it!


About CT Gold Buyer
Owner of CT Gold Buyers in Wallingford, CT. and USA Gold Refiners.....

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