All about us Moving!!

For those of you who are not aware, we are moving this coming week and will begin settling into our new location over the weekend. We will be operating out of the new store after returning from the labor day holiday on Tuesday Sept. 7th.

Don’t be alarmed though, we will be located in the same building at the other end. The reason for the move is it affords us 3 time the space we currently have. It will enable us to have a small showroom, buying area, private office and the best part is that we will now have full refining and smelting capability on site. In addition to our precious metal and gemstone lab, we are adding a 5000 cfm fume scrubber to handle the aqua regia fumes created from refining gold. This machine will remove and neutralize any corrosive gas or fluid created during the refining process.

We are also adding a very large 4000KW Induction Melter which allows us very very quick melts for large volumes of gold and silver and other metals. This, along with our XRF Analyzer will allow us to quickly and accurately value large lots of metals that we purchase from retailers, pawnbrokers, and other gold buyers. We can then remelt the material and pour it into shot or grain and begin the refining process.

We expect to have the new refining plant operational by the end of September. This will be a huge step toward the expansion of our local CT business and our national brand as well.

With the new store comes many new opportunities for us to fulfill our customers needs quickly and better than anyone else can. This move will not affect our payout prices and may eventually lead to increases as we streamline our process and find new ways to be more efficient. That is what we do here at CT Gold Buyers, we put our customers interests first and that is to offer the top service and highest payouts for their unwanted metals, Coins, and Diamond Jewelry!

Also, if you are in the market for Diamond jewerly, be sure to check out our new display where you will undoubtedly find the latest fashion must haves, created with fine quality diamonds, for prices that NO ONE ELSE can offer.

Visit us Monday thru Friday 9am-5pm or Saturday 10am-2pm or by private appointment, or check us out online at

(203) 269-7000


About CT Gold Buyer
Owner of CT Gold Buyers in Wallingford, CT. and USA Gold Refiners.....

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